I Called Him Jeremy

Meet Julie Posey and
Eric Black

Julie & Eric

Meet Eric Black
and Julie Posey

He was a lead vocalist and up and coming rock star in a band in Des Moines, Iowa. He spent many late nights writing the lyrics for the songs that touched the hearts of young people both near and far. His dedication to the band kept him busy with practices and performances while the band's loyal fans watched him perform in local venues and downloaded their music from the Web.

Then out of nowhere a stranger - his birth mother contacted him. It was an event that changed his life forever.

She became internationally recognized as the Cyber Crime Fighter after spending a decade investigating crimes against children that had been facilitated on the Internet.

Her life story became the topic of a Lifetime Original Movie, Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story in 2003.

The same skills Posey used to identify sexual predators were the skills used to find the one person she most wanted to meet - her birth son.

Several months after Posey made contact with her birth son Eric Black, the two were united for the very first time on national television. The Montel Williams Show invited Black to the show to surprise his birth mother. This emotional reunion was one of the many things that prompted them to write, I Called Him Jeremy.

Posey shares the detailed account of the grief and sorrow associated with surrendering a baby for adoption, the road blocks she encountered in her search for Eric, and the joys of being reunited.

Black shares with readers the touching story of growing up adopted and openly discusses the unbelievable feelings he had when his birth mother contacted him. Something he never dreamed would happen.


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