I Called Him Jeremy

About I Called Him Jeremy

I Called Him Jeremy is a unuique book written by a recently reunited birth mother and her son who was surrendered for adoption shortly after birth.

The book gives readers an inside view of the birth mother's life from birth and details how she survived the horrendous experience of child sexual abuse. She shares the story of how those experiences started her on the path to becoming one of the nations most recognized child advocates and how she became the Cyber Crime Fighter.

The story of being born in Colorado and later suffering many years of sexual abuse at the hand of a trusted neighbor unfold in the first two chapters.

In chapters three and four Julie Posey shares the heartbreak of not only finding out she was pregnant but then her family sends her to live out of state where things aren't quite what she had expected.

Anyone who has ever relinquished a child for adoption will be able to relate to the story of emotional pain and the grief that Posey experiences in giving her son up in in chapters five and six.

Posey experiences hope and healing as she moves on with her life and it takes a whole new path in chapters seven and eight.

There are very few clues to work with but in chapter nine the search for Jeremy begins and even after all the road blocks she encounters, Posey never gives up and keeps looking for her needle in a haystack.

All of the hard work and perserverience pays off for Posey in chapter 10 when she finally learns her birth son's name.

In chapter 11, Co-author Eric Black openly discusses how being contacted by a stranger claiming to be his birth mother "rocked his world."

The life Black had while growing up adopted was a good one for the most part but he did have his time to laugh and his time to cry too. The death of his father when he was a teen is discussed in chapter 12.

Tears of joy can be felt in chapter 13 when Posey finds out she is being reunited for the very first time with her birth son on national television. Eric brought another surprise with him that brought out even more emotion.


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