I Called Him Jeremy

I Called Him Jeremy by Julie Posey and Eric Blumanhourst

I Called Him Jeremy

by Julie Posey and Eric Black

The book, I Called Him Jeremy is more than a story of a birth mother's tedious search for the son she gave up for adoption two decades ago. Woven into the story are details of true crime unfolding as Julie Posey shares the horrific details of how she survived being sexually abused throughout most of her childhood and then became pregnant. Not only did she suffer the loss of the joys of being a kid, she also suffered the grief of having to give up a newborn baby whom she loved dearly.

Readers get an inside view into Posey's life and how she toiled endlessly to find her needle in a haystack. Since her son's name was changed and she relinquished him in a "closed records" state, she had only his date of birth as a clue for her search.

Posey never gave up the search for her birth son and it paid off in 2006 when she tried a little known search technique and found him and sent him e-mail.

Co-author Eric Black, gives readers a true insight about how he felt when out of the clear blue his birth mother just appears in his life. Black also reveals his story of growing as an adopted child and how he faced heartaches and joys as well.

Posey and Black were reunited for the very first time on The Montel Williams Show in 2007. They each talk openly about the emotional experience of sharing their reunion with on TV.

Authors share the story of their televised reunion and a more private one they shared later.


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